The 52 Cafe cards CHALLENGE vol.2 from O to T

Here are my latest cards for the 52 Cafe cards challenge. I'm not sure if the alphabets U and V are published. The mojo seems to have left the building. The last two cards are looking simple and unfinished. The first one looks nice but I had trouble with that one, too.

I have been into card making the last few months so mixed media type projects have felt too demanding. I have had no interest in getting messy and pretend to be an artist. I have even started to think that I would reduce my art supply stash. Why would I need many bottles of acrylic paints, sprays or waxes if I only use them like once or twice a year. Same thing with stamps and stencils... I have lost the vision and inspiration for mixed media. I know this is just a phase and they will come back.

The background for the Oval changed at least three times. Not because I didn't like it but because I messed it up and then I didn't like it. I was so wasting my time and the new Lindy's sprays which I had just g…

The Spring is here

I made Spring cards more than I had planned to make. Well, these first six cards I sent to the cancer association of Satakunta in Pori. Like the Christmas cards they will be handed out to strangers. I hope the recipients will like them. I'm not entirely satisfied with all of them but I do like them.

I had ordered quite a few new diecutting sets. They are all by Marianne Design. The Oval shape set I had bought second hand but all the rest are new. The embossing folder is the Regal checkerboard by Creative expressions. I tried to use up my cardstock and scrapbook paper stashes but obviously I could never find the right shade I needed so I was forced to get some new ones. I used Distress inks to give some shading to the flowers and the greens.

It took me a few weeks to plan, make prototypes and finally actually make the cards. But once I got a couple of the cards almost ready the rest were easier to make. The twig wreath was a disappointment because the willow cats didn't pop-up…

Crocheting something warm

This is my current big crochet project. I had the white weft stored for such a long time that I had to unravel it into skeins to have it washed in the washing machine and then roll it back into balls. I got some exercise while doing that. The linen brown cotton yarn is also very old. They are the same yarn but from different batches. The labels tell more than the actual color shade. Novita doesn't manufacture this yarn anymore although there might be a replacement for it. But it doesn't matter, I have plenty of these yarn balls tucked away. I bought a big bunch of them and have been saving them since then.

This is quite easy to make. It's only about chain stitches and double crochet (dc) / single crochet (sc) stitches. The white weft just runs inside the brown crochet. I decided to use two yarns instead of one to make it sturdier. The crochet is flexible because the dc/sc stitches goes under the chain and not on top of the dc/sc on the previous layer. This also makes the c…

The 52 Cafe cards CHALLENGE vol.2 from I to N

These 52 Cafe cards are from the letter I to the letter N, but just today the letters O and P were announced. I have some pre-made backgrounds I could use for those. I just need to figure out how to make them correspond to the themes "Oval" and "Poppies".

In general the supply list is something like this: white gesso (different brands), Galeria's gel medium with beads, Lindy's shakers and sprays, Ranger's and 13arts' acrylic paints, micro beads and diecuts, glitter glue and markers. Pretty much everything I would use at some point, not all in one work.

The inspiration for these cards was mostly lost. I couldn't get a good grip of it. So, some of these cards look unfinished. I'm talking about the "Kindness", "Lilac" and "Navy" to be exact. They were such a waste of supplies. I couldn't get them finished no matter how much I repeated adding colors and texture. So eventually I just had stop working on them.


A lot of hearts

The Valentine's Day is soon here. Above is a card I made for my niece. It's both the Valentine's Day card and the 25th birthday card. And actually the design could also pass as an engagement or wedding card. This was quite quick to make. It had to be. I should've made it during the weekend but somehow forgot to check the calendar. The niece's birthday is much sooner than the Valentine's Day.

For the background I used a floral scrapbook paper by Kaisercraft. It's very pretty and it has some glossy finish over the flowers. The pink heart is a diecut which I got in a happy mail. The white paper strip I embossed with an embossing folder by Anna Griffin. I used a two-sided tape to adhere the golden organza ribbons. On top of the ribbons I added golden glitter glue by Dovecraft. Under the edges I added a bit wider pink organza ribbons. The Onnea (=congrats) text is a chipboard by Wycinanka. I took a white Posca marker and painted two layers over the chipboard. T…

Stay warm - it's cold out there

As usual, when the deadline was approaching very fast I decided to enter yet another challenge. This time it's the December challenge of 13arts. This is a small mixed media piece. For the base I used a glossy photo paper (10 x 15 cm). I bought the stencil second hand so I don't know who manufactured it. For the modeling paste I decided to use 13arts' white gesso. The jar is almost empty and the last of the gesso had thickened, so it was perfect for stenciling.

I actually started on an other photo paper. I did some dotted stenciling and then "cleaned" the stencil onto a new photo paper. I did the so called reverse stenciling, which means that I flipped the stencil face side down to the new photo paper, put another paper over it and then pressed with my hand to transfer the excess acrylic primer to the photo paper. I liked this one more than the first one so I continued working with this. After the reverse stenciling had dried, I sprayed water over the paper and a…

Lindy's color challenge December 2018

I had already cleaned my desk for this year but I felt I was getting restless, so I grabbed some supplies and started doing a mess. That mess went to the trash bin. Below is what I did next. I thought I would do something simple and quick to enter the Lindy's ongoing color challenge.

I took three small manilla tags bought from Flying tiger and spread a couple of layers of white gesso by Liquitex. Then I used a stencil by Memory box and the modeling paste by Liquitex. Made some stenciled patterns here and there. For coloring I used Lindy's Tilt-a-wheen teal spray and Cathedral pines green magical shaker. I left the tags to dry and moved on to the poinsettias.

I diecut the Marianne Design's mini poinsettias from the Canson Mixed media paper. To color them I used the same Cathedral pines green for the leaves and Lindy's Cuckoo clock cardinal magical shaker for the flowers. The smallest bit I diecut from a gold cardstock but I should have used glitter paper. It was difficu…

The 52 Cafe cards CHALLENGE is back

The 52 Cafe cards challenge has started again with new prompts. Every Sunday a new prompt is announced. I had a slow start. I didn't start making them until last week. Although I did use some leftovers and scraps which didn't require much working. I cut images from the patterned paper pads and even from an old calendar. The balloon image is from a Amy & Tim stationery paper. I used leftover diecuts for embellishment and the alphabets were also diecut.

The A's background has Lindy's Sassy sapphire magical, fossiled amber Distress oxide, smokey grey Versafine ink and some pale white ink (I don't remember which one). I also used a little bit of gold acrylic paint.

The B and H have backgrounds that were leftovers from cardmaking. I think I used Distressed inks, water and some Perfect pearls gold powder on them.

The background on the C was built from diecut scraps (for last year's Christmas cards I diecut windows and those rectangles are from them.) For coloring…