Pink and Rooibos tea

A detail
I had saved some tea bags (rooibos) from the evening snacks. When the bags were dry I opened them and took out the tea. I saved the paper from the tea bags, the dried tea, the packing paper and even the strings. For this particular piece of work I only used the dry tea.

I mixed the dried rooibos tea with some 13arts' modeling paste and used it with a stencil by Latarnia morska. I could have used more modeling paste since the texture was a bit dry but it turned out to be okay. So that's the only tea part for this piece. I was actually just trying to see how it would work and it eventually turned out to be better than expected.

The dried layer of tea+modeling paste mixture looked like the surface of a tree. The other texture, the crackling look, I got by brushing the gesso partly in thin and partly in thick layers and then placed over it a piece of scrap plastic (cut from a laminated sheet). Pressed it down to the gesso and then lifted it up. Thicker layer resulted higher peaks.

The background paper was a watercolor paper (HanArt 180g/m2) on which I had first tried out some other techniques (Brushos + alcohol inks) and then covered it with both white acrylic paint and white gesso because I wasn't pleased with the result (= it looked so ugly!). The white paint and gesso was tinted pink because of the lower layers so I chose the red color theme for this one.

Another detail

I made a spray into a mini-mister bottle. The base was made from the dark brown Brusho powder and the Forever Red Perfect Pearls powder mixed in with water. I had used it in other projects. When that mixture was left only about 2 cm in the bottle I added a couple of drops from the Ranger Distress ink refill (Fired brick) and also added some more Perfect Pearls powders, Berry Twist and Interference Blue.

I used glitter glues between the stenciled areas. First I put the Rayher's pink glitter glue and then on top of it I put the Frosted Lace (Ranger Stickles). Also in this case the white glitter glue got a slight pink shade. I wasn't happy with the result, so I sprayed my mixture and dropped drops from the bottle of Alcohol ink (Raisin) and from the Distress ink refill dropper (Fired brick). Somewhere in between I brushed over some more white color and repeated again with the red color. I also sprayed some clear water. I dabbed off extra wetness and color with a baby wipe and a kitchen paper towel.

I took some titanium white acrylic paint (DecoArt) and diluted it with drops of water. Then I flicked the brush to get some splatters over the work. Obviously the white color was tinted with the color below so instead of white I got pink splatters. That's okay, it looks good anyway.

I'm happy with the final result though I was losing my faith during the process. This is a small piece, about 15 x 15 cm. I might save it as it is and not add any embellishments.

The finished work