The 52 cafe cards CHALLENGE

I have been participating in a card challenge on Facebook. If you are interested in this challenge, you can read more about it in Marta Lapkowska's blog or go straight to Facebook and find a group called "Maremi's Creative Cafe". The group is closed, so you need a membership to see what's in there. You can also try the hashtag #52CafeCards on the Facebook search bar. I believe you can use it in Instagram as well.

The challenge is about making an ATC-sized card every week. Well, you don't have to make it exactly every week, you can make them in your own pace, but a new theme is published about every Tuesday. The challenge is in an alphabetic order at the moment, the letter for this week is "O". No announced theme, yet. The cards can be mixed media, drawing, painting or any desired art form. My cards are mostly mixed media but I have tried some drawing, too.

The letters "ATC" stands for Artist Trading Card. You can exchange ATC cards with other people. The card has a standard size, I think it is 2½ x 3½ inches and it needs a specific info written in the back of the card. Before this challenge I had only heard of ATCs but never made any.

Below are my cards so far for the 52 cafe card challenge. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

52 cafe cards Art
A = Art
52 cafe cards Bubbles
B = Bubbles
52 cafe cards Coffee
C = Coffee
52 cafe cards Dragonfly
D = Dragonfly
52 cafe cards Eclipse
E = Eclipse
52 cafe cards Folk
F = Folk (Finnish)
52 cafe cards Gears
G = Gears
52 cafe cards hummingbird
H = Hummingbird/Heart
52 cafe cards Imagination
I = Imagination
52 cafe cards Journey
J = Journey
52 cafe cards Kaktus
K = Kaktus/Kaleidoscope
52 cafe cards Lace
L = Lace
52 cafe cards Me
M = Me
52 cafe cards Numbers
N =  Numbers

Below are two closeups for "Numbers". I used an aluminium foil tape on the surface. Underneath it are different type of tapes and some diecut numbers. After attaching the foil tape, I took a stylus tool and went through the whole surface with it. I drew patterns and traced the raised areas. The first image is before adding any colors to it. The second image is the finished work. I used the Ranger alcohol inks, Tattered angels paints, Prima metallique paint and even nailpolish. The bigger numbers "77" are made of 13arts modeling paste, Prima metallique paint and Distress stickles glitterglue. For the embellishment I used a metal ornament and some wire.

Here is "Me" from a different angle. I used a lot of micro beads with this one. I attached the beads using 13arts gel medium. I brushed over the beads with both white and clear gesso and then added some color to them. I used the Neo-colours aquarelle crayons and some markers for coloring. For embellishment I used small gemstones (I think I got them from an old cardigan) and diecut stars. Under the text is some Tim Holtz crazing distress collage medium. You can barely see the cracks from this angle.

I'm now off to see if the next theme has been announced 😊