The red glass bead bracelet

red glass bead bracelet

The other day I decided to make myself a new bracelet. Like usually, I had no major plan, so I winged it as I went on. First I thought of using the black magnetic hematite beads but they were too clingy to put on straight lines. I didn't want to make any special design, which would have been better choice for them, so I replaced them with red glass beads. The hematites I had bought from a flea market but the red glass beads I ordered from China via Aliexpress. I know it's a bit risky to buy from there or anywhere else on the internet because you can never be sure what chemicals have been used during the making process or what the actual making processes are. I decided to ignore that since I was making the bracelet to myself and I rarely wear jewelry. Also I'm not that sensitive to nickel. Although the metal parts should be nickel free. Not so sure about the wire because it was sold for crafting and decorating but it's a coated wire so that's a good thing, right..? And diy jewerly making is crafting to me. All the metal part were bought from Finnish web shops or from an actual shop.

Here is the full list of the supplies:
  • Beading wire, thickness 0.38 mm, 150 cm
  • Wire guardians, 6 pcs
  • Crimp beads (tube shape), 6 pcs
  • Crimp bead covers, 6 pcs
  • 3-hole dividers, 4 pcs
  • Lobster clasp, 1 pc
  • Double loop split rings 10 mm, 2 pcs
  • Double loop split rings 5 mm, 2 pcs
  • Golden beads (plastic) 3 mm, about 24 pcs
  • Red glass beads 4x6 mm, about 81 pcs
  • Cutting pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Loctite Power flex glue
  • Ruler or measuring tape
I don't have that many tools to use when making jewelries. For this one I only used the cutting pliers and flat nose pliers as shown in the picture below. I used the Loctite Power flex glue to secure the wire ends. The beading wire is steel colored but golden would be preferred because all the small metal pieces are gold plated.

I cut the beading wire in 3 pieces, so that each piece of wire was 50 cm long. I put the wire guardians in the middle of each wire. The double loop split ring (10 mm) could have been added later but I inserted it before adding the crimp bead. I closed the crimp bead with flat nose pliers. After closing the crimp bead I put the crimp bead cover over it and carefully closed it with the flat nose pliers. I tried to preserve the round shape. At this stage I did not use super glue but I could have used it under the crimp bead cover. After that I was ready to add the hematite beads and the dividers.

To make sure the parts wouldn't fall of the wires I secured them with mini clothespins.

When I had put the last divider to the wires, I started thinking if the magnetic beads were a bad choice. I tried with less beads in between but then decided to go for different kind of beads. Now I had to decide in which sequences I should put the golden and red beads. The golden beads in the between or not.

And when the sequence was chosen, I had to choose how it would look like with the divider.

And (AGAIN) when I was almost finished, I started rethinking "what if..."

Soooo, I took the golden beads off and put them only one on both sides of each divider. Now it was time to add the last beads and close the wires. When the last red bead was added, I slided the crimp bead to the wires and then the wire guardian. I took the other wire and put it through the crimp bead the second time. I also inserted it through the last 3 red beads. I pulled the wire tighter and made sure that the loop was the same size as it is in the beginning of bracelet. When the length was right I cut the excess wire close to the red bead and the other wire little above the crimp bead. At this point I added super glue to secure the wire. When the glue was dry, I placed the crimp bead cover and closed it carefully. 

To finish of the bracelet I attached the lobster clasp to the smaller double loop split ring and then joined it to the bracelet with the bigger split ring.

To the other end I attached also the smaller double loop split ring. The bracelet required the smaller split rings. I first tried it without them but the clasp was in a wrong position. It feels much secure when the clasp is flat against the skin.

I'm pretty pleased with the result. The only minus is that the bigger double loop split rings could have been wider. The end of the wires forces themselves to go straight so the split rings shift places. The bracelet is also difficult to put around your own wrist even though the length is correct. It probably requires a slightly longer wires or a heavy charm to pull the other end downwards. Or maybe it needs an extencion chain to pull it with while trying to lock it. Anyhow... I just might make another one in a different colour.