Challenge - P*skis #346: Kokeile jotain uutta

Here is a little drawing I made. While I was drawing it I heard voices in my head. One voice shouted: "Yay!! I can still draw." and the other one said: "Nope!" Okay, so the boobs are an odd pair and the elbow is in the wrong place, but she does not look too bad. After all, the last time I drew something like this was probably a decade ago.

I drew the girl with the Elegant writer marker. Then I took the watercolor brush and painted it with plain water. If you haven't used the Elegant writer before I suggest you would try it. The marker's ink spreads in different colors when the water is applied. The first time I heard about it was when I watched one of Maremi's Youtube video.

After brushing it with plain water I reached out and took my new supplies. I have bought myself seven (7) different Lindy's stamp gang's sprays and one set of Magical powders. For this piece I only used the Blazing black, Tibetan poppy teal and Raspberry lemonade sprays. I didn't spray them, though. For the skirt I used the brush and to the background I spread the colors with the pipe that comes in the bottle. I did use the brush and some water to spread the teal color but after that I used the pipe. When the drawing had dried I took a thin black marker and a thin white marker to draw some details.

She may look funny but I like her as much as I like the fact that I can still draw after such a long time. With this girl I will be take part in a finnish crafting challenge.

* * *

Osallistun tällä piirroksellani P*skarteluhaaste-blogin P*skis-haasteeseen. Tämä on ensimmäinen kerta, kun osallistun kyseisen blogin haasteeseen. Tässä haasteessa tulisi käyttää jotain uutta ja minulle se uusi on Lindy's stamp gangin tuotteet. Tässä tapauksessa käytin kolmea suihketta: Blazing black, Tibetan poppy teal ja Raspberry lemonade. Piirtämisessä käytetty Elegant writer -kynä on myös suht' uusi tuttavuus. Kynällä on se jännä piirre, että sen muste vaihtaa väriä veden kanssa. Työ on kooltaan A5 ja käytin Cansonin mixed media imagine -paperia.


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    1. Kiitoksia! :) Yllättävän hyvin osasin piirtää tytön, vaikka edellisestä kerrasta on jo useampi vuosi.


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