Lazy knitter - Sukantekeleet

Oh my, look what I have found... I found these knitted pieces while I was going through my yarn box. I did not name this blog "The eternity projects" just for nothing. I started knitting them in the end of the year 2012, around the same time as this blog was started, so there are actually several blog posts (in Finnish) about these. Originally they were suppose to be socks for my niece but I never got them ready in time. In one point I decided to make mittens of them but never got to do that either. I did knit some part of it with white yarn but then I lost the interest and after a while I decided to unravel it. I guess I didn't want to tear it down all the way, so I tossed them among the yarn balls.

I'm not giving any promises about finishing these. I might start knitting again someday but it may take a while. I prefer crocheting but I 'm having a creative break from that, too. So, the only yarns and threads I'm handling right now are the ones put onto the mixed media projects.

* * *

En suotta nimennyt tätä blogia "Ikuisuusprojekteiksi". Sukat ovat edelleen yhtä keskeneräiset niin kuin ne olivat viimeksi kirjoittaessani niistä. Piilotan sukanalut takaisin lankalaatikkoon odottamaan sitä kuuluisaa hamaa tulevaisuutta. Ehkä minulla on jonain päivänä tarpeeksi mielenkiintoa tehdä sukat (tai lapaset) loppuun.