The 52 cafe cards CHALLENGE: letters S, T, U and V

A close up of Unity

The 52 cafe cards challenge by alphabets is getting closer to the end. No-one knows yet, how it will continue after that. The plan was to do cards every week till the end of the year. I don't mind continuing with the unused words from all the alphabets. Or maybe the new words could be by numbers, meaning the number would be a prefix for the word, like "Unicorn", "Bicycle", "Trident" and so on. If you don't know what this challenge is about, check my previous posts or just click on the "#52cafecards" category in the end of this post. You can find all the categories used in this blog from the front page in the left menu (the icon with three little lines).

LEFT: S = Spring, RIGHT: T = Teal

LEFT: U = Unity, RIGHT: V = Vintage

I had these cards ready for some time now. I also have the next two cards waiting for posting but I decided to leave them to the next blog post along with the two last alphabets which are not announced, yet, as far as I know. So, these cards here are S for Spring, T for Teal, U for Unity and V for Vintage.

In the "Spring" I used the same tree stamp for stamping on the modeling paste and then after coloring I stamped with different colors. The lightest colors are barely visible. The image is also stamped, then colored with the plain markers and covered with the Glossy accent. I wish I had alcohol markers because the Colortime markers didn't cover so well. The background wasn't all white so it affected the result.

Close up of Spring

Teal is quite simple and quick to make. I used different threads and yarns. Some of them had a perfect color and some I colored with Lindy's Tibetan poppy teal and Blazing black. I used the same sprays in the progress as well. The washers are from a hardware store, I just painted them with acrylic paint. I squirted some glitter glue almost every where.

Close up of Teal

The close up for "Unity" is in the top of this post. I thought the theme was difficult. It took me many weeks to finally make it. I didn't want to use the same idea as many others had (people holding hands or marriage). I made the background the same way with Colortime markers as if I would have used Distress inks or Oxides. I scribbled some colors on to a plastic sheet and then misted with water. I took the card and swipe it over the color. Repeated until I was pleased with result. While it was still wet, I distressed the edges with scissors. Then did the same thing with black marker, except pressing only the edges to the color. After it had dried I drew the dots and lines. Then I stamped some script text with black ink. Over the heart I brushed some tinted clear acrylic paint, Marabu Acryl gel to be more precise.

The "Vintage" was a huge disappointment at the beginning. I was going to use a pink-burgundy colored background and nice clock chipboard but the more I worked on it, the more I was ruining it. The coloring in the background got too altered and the nice edges disappeared. The chipboard got too soggy and started to break. I got so frustrated that I started tearing the card apart. After a while I tried to put it back together. As you can see from the pictures below it now has a decay look to it. It's okay but not what I wanted. I hope I can use it in a later project.

The Vintage background before disaster

The Vintage after the disaster

With using a different background the card turned out to be okay although it was not what I had in mind originally. Luckily I had two suitable backgrounds ready to use. In fact, I was waiting for the later themes to be announced so I could decide whether to use this one or the other one for Vintage and then save the leftover for another theme. The lady was cut from a card and the edges colored with Distress ink. The necklace has tiny glass beads in a thin golden wire. The hair piece has a small chipboard, some feathers and a little gemstone. The roses were cut from a used stamp (from an envelope). The blue beads are wired with a golden wire. I glued some blue microbeads and added Lindy's Bachelor button blue spray over it. I used the same blue color on the background. It also has some golden acrylic paint and over that white gesso.

Close up of Vintage