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The 52 Cafe Cards CHALLENGE : The Whispers Boards 1, 2, 3 and 4

So, like I wrote in the previous post the 52 Cafe cards challenge has changed from using the alphabets into using the mood boards and those are called the whispers boards. The hashtag for them is #MaremiWhispersBoard or some may use #MaremiWhisperBoard. Each Whispers board contain different inspirational images, quotes and color themes. It's not mandatory to use all the given elements. You are allowed to pick which ever element you desire and go from there. It doesn't even need to be an ATC-sized card, any project will do.

But since the challenge is called "The 52 Cafe Cards challenge" I decided to stick with the cards. I even had a few preparated cards left so it was easy to continue from there. There are already 9 Whispers boards out there. So far I have finished 4 boards and started the next 3. The rest are still waiting for an inspiration. In fact, I don't know what the boards look like. I've been busy and not been able to check on the Creative cafe group…

The 52 Cafe Cards CHALLENGE: Letters W, Y, X and Z

I finished these cards some time ago but I never got to post them here. So here are the last ones for the "Alphabet challenge". The challenge still goes on but when they ran out of the alphabets Maremi came with the idea of Mood boards. I will write about them in the next post.