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The 52 Cafe Cards CHALLENGE : The Whispers Boards 5 - 26

So, here they are finally, the last missing cards from the #52cafecards #MaremiWhisperBoard challenge. I did have 3 cards ready and a couple of backgrounds, too. I made them sometimes last year, I think. But then life happened (I got a job for a short period) and I was then too busy and tired to even think about creative work. A couple weeks ago I sat down and started making these simultaneously a few cards at a time. I went through the Maremi's Creative Cafe Facebook group's albums and searched for the Whisper boards that I still hadn't done. I wrote down some notes and ideas for each card. I gessoed the background base cards and some of them I stenciled, too. Then, I got creative. I struggled with some cards but in the end I managed to get them finished.

I used texture pastes, crackling pastes, white and clear gesso, glitter glues and regular glues, micro glass beads in different sizes, pictures cut from catalogs and scrapbook papers, paper diecuts, glass domes and stam…

My first art journal type thing - envelope journal

Remeber my "The blog must go on" post where I promised to show more of my very first art journal? Well, I finally took the photos and here you are - my first attempts on mixed media. Maybe not _the_ very first but the first ones that made me take this path and I'm still on it. This is definitely the first art journal that I have and the only one, too. I have thought about buying an art journal book but it might take a long while before I would do anything with it. I mean, I have bought small canvases and I have still not used them. I guess, I'm saving them to make a perfect art piece on them and we all know that won't happen in a long while. Not with my skills anyway, not yet.

So, about this art journalish typeish thing... After watching Maremi's Youtube video on how to make an art journal /album from envelopes, I decided to make one of my own. It's smallish in size (16 x 11,5 cm) and has only few pages. All the pages were loose but I attached them on the…