My first art journal type thing - envelope journal

Remeber my "The blog must go on" post where I promised to show more of my very first art journal? Well, I finally took the photos and here you are - my first attempts on mixed media. Maybe not _the_ very first but the first ones that made me take this path and I'm still on it. This is definitely the first art journal that I have and the only one, too. I have thought about buying an art journal book but it might take a long while before I would do anything with it. I mean, I have bought small canvases and I have still not used them. I guess, I'm saving them to make a perfect art piece on them and we all know that won't happen in a long while. Not with my skills anyway, not yet.

So, about this art journalish typeish thing... After watching Maremi's Youtube video on how to make an art journal /album from envelopes, I decided to make one of my own. It's smallish in size (16 x 11,5 cm) and has only few pages. All the pages were loose but I attached them on the envelopes afterwards. I should have realized that all the texture and  the 3-dimensional pieces would make the journal bulge and it won't stay flat. But that is a lesson I have now learned.

Here are all the pages starting from the front cover to the back cover:
1. One of the first trials of trying out Ranger's Distress inks. I don't think I used a blending tool. I probably made color pools with the ink pads and water. Then used a brush applying it. I think I even rinsed it under running water because something went wrong. There is a subtle shimmer from the golden Perfect pearl powder and because it's so lightly spread I'm guessing (guessing because I can't remember) whatever there was at first it was washed away. On the top are dots made with a self-made stencil and Ranger's texture paste. I had the background taped down and the edges got ripped when I removed the tapes. This was planned to be a background for a card but I decided to keep it. Same with the next two pages.

The front cover

2. Both of these are made with Distress inks. The one on the right only has some water splashes as an effect. I also used a blending tool to spread the inks. The one on the left was stenciled with Ranger's glossy multi medium. The medium was partly dyed with the inks. The background coloring was made the same way as the front cover - with color pools and a brush. Not sure if I rinsed that one, too. I might have because it's so lightly colored.

The spread number 1

3. The left I hate, the right I hate less. The pink was stenciled with Ranger's stencil and texture paste. The coloring was made with Distress inks and Perfect pearls powders. I even tried dyeing the paste with them before stenciling. The ugly ameba looking splats and the surrounding are a combination of matte multi medium, glass beads, Prima's art sugar and some flaky dry glitter. The amebas has also a coat of Ranger's rose gold Liquid pearl. I was open minded and far away from my comfort zone the making process.

The yellow-green has some paper strips underneath. It was gessoed with 13arts acrylic primer and then stenciled twice. First with the moroccon style stencil, probably by Latarnia morska (I really like that stencil but it's too fragile. It has broken from two places while washing it.) When the moroccon had partly dried I placed the stencil back on top of it and then I used the second stencil. Which was actually a paper diecut cut with a die from the Spellbinders die set. Very curvy pattern. I let it dry over night (this was before I had the heat tool.) The coloring was made with the Neocolor aquarelle crayons and Prima's mica powder. I made color puddles on a plastic sheet, misted it with water and let it run down the page. I also used the white crayon over the curvy pattern, just laid it horizontally and tried to color only the raised area.

The spread number 2

4. Another intuitive piece on the left. Scrap papers underneath, stamped script text, yarn and glass beads, micro beads, white gesso, Neocolor aquarelle crayons and some cheap pink ink pad. Not sure what I used as the glue. I didn't have any gel medium at the time. It probably was the gesso that kept them glued.

On the right side I had the pretty floral paper by Kaisercraft. I used some white gesso to the edges and then made a mixture of texture paste, dry glitter and Perfect pearl powder. After stenciling it I added more color with Distress inks. The black swirl is stamped. I don't like it but it felt like it needed something.

The spread number 3

5. These next two are my favorites. The left one was going to be just a Distress inked background for a card but like always, something went if not wrong then opposite the right way, anyway. I ended up stenciling the background with the same moroccon stencil. I used Ranger's matte texture paste which probably picked up some color from the background but I did also use Distress inks on top of it. I poured a lot of Ranger's crackle accent over it, as you can tell from the size of the cracks. When the crackle accent has dried I tried to add white color to the cracks. Not sure how and which product. The glitter glue was Ranger's frosted lace. I love it! I hate it for not having it in a larger bottle. The glitter glue picked some color from the Distress inks. The framing brown glitter glue was added only to hide the cut edge of the paper.

I don't remember the very first step for the blue background but I stamped some script text and then covered it with white tissue paper. Laying it partly flat and partly crumpled. I also stamped Henry the mouse by Whiff of joy onto a tissue paper. Just to see if it was possible to do. For glueing I used a glue stick and some multi mediums. For coloring I used Neocolor aquarelle crayons and Perfect pearls powders.

The spread number 4

6. "Arts & crafts and rock'n roll" text was cut from a brochure. The background was a "stenciling gone bad", torn up, glued back sort of together and covered with used, stretched baby wipe. Then the bits and pieces were added.

The flowers were hand drawn with a non bleeding thin line marker and then colored. Not sure what medium but something with a brush. Neocolor aquarelle, perhaps or maybe I already had some Gelatos then.

The spread number 5

7. Just a trial of Distress inks on a glossy photo paper. Nothing else. It got the scenery look by accident. Only the colors were planned. I don't remember which colors.

The back cover

8. Another fairly ugly mixed media piece. It's just a loose page but I keep it between the journal pages. It has micro beads, glitter glues, Distress inks (probably), an stenciled area and a paper diecut in the corner. The rosette is made from a piece of tulle and glitter glue. The text is from a Kaisercraft paper.

A loose page

At the time I did not have much supplies and I was just trying out some techniques with what I had. My supply collection has grown since then while at the same time my wallet has strangely lost it weight. My explanation to that is that I have fallen into a trap which every crafter or artist falls into - there is always something that you must get. Like for now I need more storage in my arty crafty space so I must buy a storing cabinet. Well okay, it's not a must but it would be nicer to stack the boxes inside a cabinet rather than have them on the floor. Besides there is a perfect spot for it, right next to my desk. All I have to do is to decide the model and color. And when the cabinet is in it's place I will have more space to fill up with arty crafty stuff. It's an endless loop, with the good and the bad sides but mostly good. Good goodies and happy crafting days ahead.