Mixed media Christmas calendar - Mixed media joulukalenteri 2018

The finished project with some details

This post is going to be about my project that I will create along with the Mixed media Christmas calendar challenge #mixedmediajoulukalenteri. Here is the link to the blog site of that challenge. The challenge is in Finnish but here's a short explanation what it's about: The challenge is to make one mixed media project following the given prompts. Every day from the Day 1 to the Day 24 the prompts are revealed. Each prompt has an element that will be added to the work. Because the project is supposed to proceed only that one step at a time I think it might be challenging to stop working after each phase. Although I'm struggling on how to get started.

Today is Day 3 already and I have not started anything. I put all the juices in the Christmas card project and now I'm in an energy-saving mode. I guess that's one way to call it. I just don't have the interest, motivation or even any inspiration for crafty doing. I do have a small itch, not physically, but I'd like to start working on something new. No wait, I do have started something new. It's my next eternity project for the years to come. I'll make a blog post about it later. And no, I have not finished the previous eternity project, I haven't even continued it.

Anyway, I will start this Christmas calendar challenge hopefully this week. There is still plenty of time since it ends in January 6th 2019. I'm not going to make separate posts of each prompt but instead I will update and edit this post. To give this challenge a some sort of start I need to decide on which base I will be working on. Hmm... I do have small canvases and wooden paint palette. Or perhaps I should just grab some scraps. I'm literally thinking out loud here. I'll get back to this post once I have switched back from the energy-saving mode to active-mode.

Prepping the base with white gesso

I decided to do a loose page. The paper is a yellow toned aquarelle paper, 300 g/m2. The pad had only two papers left so I removed the other paper and the front cover. I left the back piece to keep the paper in shape when working with it.

Day 1: Paper strip (= Paperisuikale)

I decided to use the three embossed papers at the bottom and the small piece of kraft colored paper. I saved the music sheets and diecut scraps for later use. I had embossed the papers with an embossing folder and on two of them I tried some Distress oxide as well. I put the glue on the oxide side so there wouldn't be so much color bleeds when the papers get wet.

All glued

For gluing I used Pritt power stick and Aleene's tacky glue (quick dry). The glue stick was too dry so, I didn't use it much. I used as much as possible of those papers. Because there are still following steps left I decided to use only these papers. Otherwise the endresult would be busy looking.

Day 2: Texture paste (= tekstuuripasta)

I chose Pentart's stone effect paste (limestone). I have never used it before so I thought I'd try it. I spread it with the palette knife and partly tapped with the knife to give more texture to the surface.

Day 3: Plastic (= muovi)

I was struggling what to use as plastic because I don't usually use it. Then I remembered that I had some plastic tapes which I haven't used in a while. I chose the silver colored holographic tape. I didn't use the red one because I think it's a paper tape. It would have been nice though.

Day 4: Wood (= puu)

Again I was struggling. I don't have much wooden pieces and I didn't want to use pieces like toothpicks, light matches or clothes' pegs.  I did try to assemble the mini clothes' pegs to look like snowflakes but I didn't like them. Luckily I had these chipboards, so I glued them to the page.

Day 5: White (= valkoinen)

After gluing the chipboards I wasn't sure what to use for "white" so I covered the whole page with clear gesso. I used a wet baby wipe to clean some of it off the plastic tapes. I liked the colors what I had so far but decided to go for more white. I put only one layer of white gesso. More to the edges and lighter touches to center. Then I took the Prima's metallique pearl white acrylic paint. Just like with the white gesso, I brushed it mostly on the edges and with a lighter touch elsewhere.

See that shine from the pearl white acrylic paint.

Also the chipboards have some shine on them. The water based colors won't flow so well on acrylic paint so I might put some clear gesso here and there before adding more colors.

Day 6: Wrinkled (= rypistettyä)

I'm still thinking what to wrinkle. I'm tempted to cover the whole piece with the angel napkin and skip the whole calendar thing. It's so annoying not to know what elements or phases there are still left. Today is actually day 10, so I do know what's coming up but there are still 14 unknown days left. I will continue on this challenge tomorrow.

Tiny strips of wrinkled paper 

I didn't go for the tulle nor the angel napkin. I did use a white layer of the napkin but only behind those red foiled washi tapes. Otherwise the tape would have been sticking to itself when trying to wrinkle it. I also used a piece of brown paper bag. I glued the strips with Tacky glue and then added some clear and white gesso over them.

Day 7: Metal (= metalli)

Again I had troubles on figuring out what to use as metal. I have some pretty embellishments that I could have used but somehow they just didn't match up with my vision. Since this is a mixed media Christmas calendar I thought I would make it christmassy or at least wintery looking. I was visioning a winter scenery. So, for this phase I used Prima's metallique ancient coin (gold color) only as little accents here and there. Not sure though if I'm allowed to use it later. The given colors (as prompts) are allowed to use whenever the project requires it but I guess this was suppose to be a metal object not color.

Day 8: Brown (= ruskea)

The second color is brown. I chose Lindy's Dark chocolate truffle spray but I didn't spray it. I just used the plastic pipe in the bottle and sprayed some water occasionally. Dried it with the heat tool and then added more color. At first, I almost panicked because the color was not satisfying. So, I tried Lindy's Bratwurst brown shaker... nope, even worse with all the different color specks. Then I took the dark brown Brusho... Absolutely and most definitely nope! Way too dark. I think I said "Kauheaa kurapaskaa!" (a loose translate: terrible diarrhea) more than a few times while playing around with the colors. Eventually I went back to dark chocolate. Last night it looked like an awful mold had spread over it but today in the daylight it looked quite okay. I added more brown color and gessoed it a bit before moving on.

Day 9: Sticker (= tarra)

I thought I wouldn't have any good stickers and I didn't want to use word stickers or sticky gems. At first I thought I would have to make my own sticker the way I did with the foiled foxes on the Christmas cards but when I was going through my patterned papers I found the stickers that I had received from Fabrika Decoru. I got them as a prize from a Youtube hop. I also won a prize from another Youtube hop but I never received it. I know it's a very long way from India to Finland, so hopefully the prize from Mudra craft stamps arrives some day. Anyway, for the sticker I chose two deer from the Winter love story set. I glued them on a thin cardstock and cut off the white surrounding. I didn't like the shine on the stickers so I put one coat of clear gesso over them and then glued them with Tacky glue onto the project.

Day 10: Stencil (= sabluuna)

The white paint that I added on the day 5 was almost all gone. So before taking out the stencils I brushed some pearl white acrylic paint to give the scene a nice shine. It also gave the dark brown some frosty look. I wanted to make some falling snow with a dotted stencil. I tried glitter glue on one ATC card just to see if the glue works for stenciling. It did, so I tried it over the project. It did not work. The surface was too coarse apparently. So I tried glitter paste by Viva decor. And then the NO happened again. Too much paste was covering a large area. I ended up with cleaning the paste off as much as I could and then covering the glimmering surface with gesso. I had to re-do that area with the Lindy's Dark chocolate truffle color. Then I took a break with a real chocolate.

After pondering a while I picked out a new stencil and a medium. Not sure if the Daily art's crackle paint has gone bad but it surely smells like cat's piss and the color has turned yellow. Also the paper part on the lid had some mold in it and it had spread a bit to the mouth of the jar. It wasn't long time ago when I bought it and used it just a little bit.

Not sure if I will break or just bend the rules but I think I might do another stenciling tomorrow. I would like to have that falling snow there. I'm also itching to use some micro glass beads. I thought about putting some beads to the wet crackle paint (on the wet glitter glue originally) but then decided not to do so.

Day 11: Three of the same (= kolme samaa)

So I didn't do more stamping. I just moved on to the next prompt, which was three of the same. After some while thinking about it I decided to diecut three pieces from a dark brown cardstock. I trimmed the pieces and put them as fences. I used a die from the Distressed Windham collage by Memory box.

Day 12: Turquoise (= turkoosi)

The following day we got a new color. It's suppose to be turquoise but I used the Lindy's Tilt-a-wheel teal spray. I tried some other colors too but I liked it better with something blueish than greenish. Also the dark chocolate truffle brown changed the color shade to darker so I went for a lighter color. I had to apply the color multiple times. Also the following steps got messed up, so I had to re-do the coloring almost everywhere.

Day 13: Stamped (= leimattua)

Because the surface is so rough it was hard to find good spot for stamping. At first I tried some black script over the chipboard but it only made it look dirty. I gessoed the chipboard with white gesso but the black ink comes a bit through it. Next I tried broken china Distress oxide ink and the small Altenew stamp which has three dots on it. It's barely noticeable but better than the black on the chipboard. I used the same stamp with gold ink and stamped the dots onto the deer butts. The stamping was so minimal that I took a stamp by Chocolate baroque and used the same gold ink to stamp some pattern over the upper right corner.

Re-do some stamping
When I tried to do the dripping  I managed to mess up the upper right corner so thoroughly that I had to re-do the brown, the turquoise and the stamping phases. A few censored words were said out aloud when I applied the gesso (both clear and white), re-did the coloring and did the stamping again. Since the gold ink got lost among the texture and coloring, I chose a new ink. The Delicata white shimmer looks surprisingly good. Although I think the new layers of gesso may have smoothed out some of that roughness. 

Day 14: Dripping (= valumia)

A new try with the golden acrylic paint. It's the same as the one I used for metal. I used the wider brush to apply the paint around the whole work and then I used the smaller brush to make the dripping. This time I didn't try to make it more runnier like I did right after the stamping.

Day 15: Doodling (= Doodlaus)
I didn't know what to doodle because I didn't want re-do stuff again. I played it safe and gave the chipboard flowers some color. That way I got the black ink hid away and made the flowers pop-up more. I used a white thin lined Posca marker and two gel markers. The blue has some greenish shimmer to it. The blue looks nice but it is a slightly too dark tone.

Day 16 Fabric (= kangas)

What's next... fabric... I reached for the tulle that I had thought about for wrinkling. White tulle would have been less visible so I chose this light turquoise one. I cut 9 circles and used 3 of them for one cluster. I folded a circle half and then folded about two thirds of the piece. I placed each folded piece overlapping each other and then sew them with some stitching from the peak. I didn't want to use glue because it would have been messy. I did get some glue on my fingers when I glued them over the chipboard.

Day 17: Text (= tekstiä)
For the text I chose a chipboard that I had pre-painted with golden acrylic paint. I just added some Dovecraft's gold glitterglue over it. When it was dry I cut the word (Joulurauhaa = Christmas peace) in half and placed the words to the upper right corner. I think this was the easiest one of the all prompts and I didn't have to re-do anything.

Day 18: Violet (= violetti)

Yesterday's prompt was the color violet, although I chose purple. I couldn't find a perfect spot nor a perfect way to add the violet color, so I reached out for the first one I got my hands on. It was the majestic purple Liquid pearl. I decided to put it there where it was less "harmful". I still don't like it and I doubt some more violet color would have been any better. I might put some white gesso over it when I continue with this project. But for now, I have cleared my desk and will head towards the Christmas holiday.

I'm back. The Christmas was very traditional and peaceful. The mulled wine was not to our taste so it got diluted heavily with water. I didn't get any craft related gifts but I will get a new hairdo once I use the gift certificate to the hairdresser. I might get some color to my hair.

Day 19: Thread/ribbon (= lanka/nauha)

For the Day 19 I made a simple bow from a satin ribbon. The color matched with the gel marker on the chipboard. It's even recycled because I cut it from a shirt. I put the glue spot behind the knot so the ribbon moves freely.

Day 20: More stamping (= leimattua)

Oh no, more stamping! I had problems with it on the first time so I wasn't very assured how this would go. I decided to use the same three-dotted Altenew stamp and stamped some white snowflake type things around the work. I used the Ranger's picket fence Distress ink for stamping.

Day 21: Embossing (= kohokuvioitua)

For embossing I used the Lindy's embossing powder Magic moon pearls. I did not use any mediums or glue for it. The white ink was still damp so the powder stuck on it but I scooped the powder elsewhere also, like on the white area on the background and on the purple spots. The embossing powder was very fine and it spread all over the table when heating it with the heat tool. Normally I would have gone to the balcony but it's cold and bit windy out there. Afterwards I did thought about making ice using some clear blueish paste and putting the powder on top of it. It would have been interesting to try and see but I decided not to do it this time.

Day 22: Black (= musta)

I made some shadow areas to the ground under the deer using a black aquarelle color pencil and some water. At first I tried a black Posca marker but it was too black. I didn't want the shadows to be too dark otherwise they would have stand out too much.

Day 23: Highlighting details (= yksityiskohtien korostus)

I used a white thin lined Posca marker to add highlighting to the deer. I also made a snow effect to the fences. Just some white lines over them.

Day 24: Spatters (= roiskeet)

The last prompt was to add spatters, so I gave the scene more falling snow. The diluted acrylic paint was too thin at first. It made the background look mucky. I added more paint to it but I think I should have used a larger brush. There are some visible specks here and there. I thought about adding more brown and try to add bigger spatters but I got lazy. I just wanted to get this finished. So below are the pictures of the finished project.

Finished project

The size is just below 19 cm x 26 cm. I think it's biggest one so far. I wanted to make it smaller but the instruction was to make it big enough for all the layers and additions. Some of the features go well together and some not so well. The purple/violet was forced to add somewhere and I don't like it. Well, everything was forced to add somewhere. The sticker stuck out from the prompt list. It felt strange. Luckily I had those deer stickers.

A close-up of the top right corner

A close-up of the lower right corner

A close-up of the lower left corner

I have seen a few works from the others and they look completely different than mine. I guess it's because of that realistic scenery I wanted to achieve. The other works are more abstract. You can find them from the blog below.



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