The 52 Cafe cards CHALLENGE vol.2 from I to N

These 52 Cafe cards are from the letter I to the letter N, but just today the letters O and P were announced. I have some pre-made backgrounds I could use for those. I just need to figure out how to make them correspond to the themes "Oval" and "Poppies".

In general the supply list is something like this: white gesso (different brands), Galeria's gel medium with beads, Lindy's shakers and sprays, Ranger's and 13arts' acrylic paints, micro beads and diecuts, glitter glue and markers. Pretty much everything I would use at some point, not all in one work.

The inspiration for these cards was mostly lost. I couldn't get a good grip of it. So, some of these cards look unfinished. I'm talking about the "Kindness", "Lilac" and "Navy" to be exact. They were such a waste of supplies. I couldn't get them finished no matter how much I repeated adding colors and texture. So eventually I just had stop working on them.

For the "Inside" I was planning to do a shaker card but I didn't want the card to be too 3d. It already had thick layers of acrylic paint, Liquid pearls, gel medium and micro beads. The "Inside" is about the layers and micro beads inside the gel medium. Unfortunately, the colors hide the inner layers, so you just have to imagine it.

"Junk" was the first one to be finished. The lantern is a diecut I received in a happy mail. From the feel of it I'd say it was cut from a wall paper. I tried to make it look rusty but still shiny. You can't see it so well on the pictures but I used some sticky surface glue (2 way glue by Kuretake) and put some orange foil over it.

I didn't get any visual inspiration for the "Kindness" so I just used the words. The background was originally a lot prettier but I messed it up when trying to doodle over it. I had to cover the mess with acrylic paint.

For the Lilac I went for the flowers but did try to use the color, too. I made the surface bumpy with Liquid pearls. I began painting with 13arts' Ayeeda acrylic paints but in the end I used Lindy's sprays. Between layering the colors I made dots with a white marker.

For a moment there I thought I would have nothing with a moth and was afraid I would have to either draw it myself or just go abstract. Then I remembered the paper pad which had these moths. I actually had to google them to find out if they really were moths and not just butterflies. The background has some stenciled dots.

"Navy" is more dark blue and turquoise in natural colors. I couldn't get the colors right when editing the photo. I wanted this card to have some naval focal point but I don't have anything to use and I didn't want to print anything from the internet. So, this is just the surface of the sea. Whirling and bubbling...

I = Inside
J = Junk
K = Kindness
L = Lilac
M = Moth
N = Navy

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