The 52 Cafe cards CHALLENGE vol.2 from O to T

A close-up on Poppies and Question

Here are my latest cards for the 52 Cafe cards challenge. I'm not sure if the alphabets U and V are published. The mojo seems to have left the building. The last two cards are looking simple and unfinished. The first one looks nice but I had trouble with that one, too.

I have been into card making the last few months so mixed media type projects have felt too demanding. I have had no interest in getting messy and pretend to be an artist. I have even started to think that I would reduce my art supply stash. Why would I need many bottles of acrylic paints, sprays or waxes if I only use them like once or twice a year. Same thing with stamps and stencils... I have lost the vision and inspiration for mixed media. I know this is just a phase and they will come back.

O = Oval, P = Poppies and Q = Question

The background for the Oval changed at least three times. Not because I didn't like it but because I messed it up and then I didn't like it. I was so wasting my time and the new Lindy's sprays which I had just got. I think this final version has Bougainvillea fuchsia, Alpine ice rose and Sidewalk chalk sprays. There might also be some Wild honeysuckle coral spray. I also used some white acrylic paint, a black gelly roll marker and a gold glitter marker. The oval shape diecut is from a Marianne design die set. The stamp is from a cheap stamp set by Kapel hobby.

Poppies look fairly nice. I even painted them myself. Well, it was more like doing some color blobs with red and black acrylic paint, letting them dry and then cutting them into poppy shapes. I used 13arts Ayeeda paints, Vivid scarlet was the red, I think the green was matte pea and matte yellow to the centers of the flowers. I also used a green marker to give more dimension. The background has a scrapbook paper (I'm not sure if it was Kaisercraft or some other) which I colored with a yellow brownish tone spray. I had also done some reverse stenciling with a paper diecut.

Question looks nice too. I covered the background with a galaxy themed masking tape and then let it wait for inspiration. I ended up using gel medium, Fabrika decoru's Northern lights glass drops, glitter glues and micro beads. In some point I colored it with Lindy's sprays and Perfect pearls powders. I tried to choose colors that would give the galaxy like look. Tiny stars are left over diecuts.

R = Rose, S = Scissors and T = Teal

Roses look simple but pretty. I just chose a background that I had colored quickly without much thinking. I had a sample of that foiled rose tape so I put two strips of it. The roses are a diecut, probably by Joy crafts (I bought it second hand and it didn't have the packaging anymore.) The roses I colored with Lindy's Pop rock purple. The green color I don't remember but it probably was also by Lindy's.

I had no inspiration for the Scissors. I ended up using a background with Bougainvillea fuchsia and Alpine ice rose sprays and white acrylic paint. The butterfly wings I had made sometimes last year or before that. It's a diecut made with a Sizzix die. Colored with some Lindy's sprays and a spray by Tattered angels. Finally coated with Anita's 3d clear gloss. I used scissors to cut the wings in half. That's the only thing that goes with the theme. 

Like the Roses, the Teal was also in the previous 52 cafe cards challenge. I used more effort then than I did now. I don't like this Teal card but I have no interest in re-doing it. I used Lindy's Tibetan poppy teal spray and white gesso for coloring. I also added some white opal liquid pearl. The image of the lilies is a washi sticker.

A little closer view