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Some other bead works

Here are some other bead and wire wrapping works that I have done.

My old Shamballa bracelets

Here are some of my macrame bracelets that I have done within a year.

Some of my older diy jewelries

These are my older jewelries that I have done. I just might make some more.

The red glass bead bracelet

The other day I decided to make myself a new bracelet. Like usually, I had no major plan, so I winged it as I went on. First I thought of using the black magnetic hematite beads but they were too clingy to put on straight lines. I didn't want to make any special design, which would have been better choice for them, so I replaced them with red glass beads. The hematites I had bought from a flea market but the red glass beads I ordered from China via Aliexpress. I know it's a bit risky to buy from there or anywhere else on the internet because you can never be sure what chemicals have been used during the making process or what the actual making processes are. I decided to ignore that since I was making the bracelet to myself and I rarely wear jewelry. Also I'm not that sensitive to nickel. Although the metal parts should be nickel free. Not so sure about the wire because it was sold for crafting and decorating but it's a coated wire so that's a good thing, right..?…

Experimenting with tea

So, I decided to try out dyeing paper with tea. I know that there are people who have already used tea and coffee as an alternative choice for coloring. For example, Marta Lapkowska did a video using home made modeling paste, tea and coffee in a mixed media project. you can check the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiQp3f6XNUY&t=1s

In my little experiment I used black tea (Lipton yellow label & Pirkka Earl grey), Rooibos tea both natural and flavored (Lord Nelson, Loyd & Pirkka) and chamomile tea (Lord Nelson). The papers I used were watercolor /drawing paper (max. 140g/m2), watercolor papers (HanArt 180g/m2 & Kapel 210g/m2) and mixed media papers (Canson imagine 200g/m2 & Strathmore 300g/m2). I also used some thick brown packing paper, tissue and napkin papers and a glossy photo paper (HP advanced). I'm not sure which paper was the thin paper (140g/m2). Because I remember combining two sets of papers inside one cover.

The dyeing Process
Below are th…

Pink and Rooibos tea

I had saved some tea bags (rooibos) from the evening snacks. When the bags were dry I opened them and took out the tea. I saved the paper from the tea bags, the dried tea, the packing paper and even the strings. For this particular piece of work I only used the dry tea.

I mixed the dried rooibos tea with some 13arts' modeling paste and used it with a stencil by Latarnia morska. I could have used more modeling paste since the texture was a bit dry but it turned out to be okay. So that's the only tea part for this piece. I was actually just trying to see how it would work and it eventually turned out to be better than expected.

The dried layer of tea+modeling paste mixture looked like the surface of a tree. The other texture, the crackling look, I got by brushing the gesso partly in thin and partly in thick layers and then placed over it a piece of scrap plastic (cut from a laminated sheet). Pressed it down to the gesso and then lifted it up. Thicker layer resulted higher peaks…

The 52 cafe cards CHALLENGE

I have been participating in a card challenge on Facebook. If you are interested in this challenge, you can read more about it in Marta Lapkowska's blog or go straight to Facebook and find a group called "Maremi's Creative Cafe". The group is closed, so you need a membership to see what's in there. You can also try the hashtag #52CafeCards on the Facebook search bar. I believe you can use it in Instagram as well.

The challenge is about making an ATC-sized card every week. Well, you don't have to make it exactly every week, you can make them in your own pace, but a new theme is published about every Tuesday. The challenge is in an alphabetic order at the moment, the letter for this week is "O". No announced theme, yet. The cards can be mixed media, drawing, painting or any desired art form. My cards are mostly mixed media but I have tried some drawing, too.

The letters "ATC" stands for Artist Trading Card. You can exchange ATC cards with ot…