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The 52 cafe cards CHALLENGE: letters O, P, Q and R

I have continued crafting with the 52 cafe cards challenge. My previous cards you can see in this post. There is also some info about the challenge if you're not familiar with it. This week's letter is already out there. It's S for Spring. I haven't started making it yet. Somehow I haven't had the right vibes for it. Maybe it's the cold weather and because of that the Spring is running late. Or the Spring is drunk, based on the bizarre weather conditions. Yesterday, the weather changed pretty much every five minutes. It snowed a little, it rained, no now it's hail, ooh what is that... it's the sun. Nope! It's snowing again.

Anyway... Here is are little details about these cards. The Obsession: I like eating sweet. Almost anything goes; ice cream, candy, desserts. It took me about a month to finish that. I wasn't happy with the stenciling so I always covered it with gesso and started from the beginning. I used the Liquid pearls (white, hot cocoa…

Challenge - P*skis #346: Kokeile jotain uutta

Here is a little drawing I made. While I was drawing it I heard voices in my head. One voice shouted: "Yay!! I can still draw." and the other one said: "Nope!" Okay, so the boobs are an odd pair and the elbow is in the wrong place, but she does not look too bad. After all, the last time I drew something like this was probably a decade ago.

I drew the girl with the Elegant writer marker. Then I took the watercolor brush and painted it with plain water. If you haven't used the Elegant writer before I suggest you would try it. The marker's ink spreads in different colors when the water is applied. The first time I heard about it was when I watched one of Maremi's Youtube video.

After brushing it with plain water I reached out and took my new supplies. I have bought myself seven (7) different Lindy's stamp gang's sprays and one set of Magical powders. For this piece I only used the Blazing black, Tibetan poppy teal and Raspberry lemonade sprays. I d…