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Lindy's color challenge June 2018

I decided to participate in the Lindy's color Challenge. Well, I had thought about it for some time now and this time I decided to actually do something. So, here is my little piece for the challenge.

The size is 14 x 13 cm (about 5x5'5 inch) and I guess I'd call it a mixed media work. As usual the original work wasn't going to be like this one, but knowing my way of creating (making something pretty, ruining it, fixing it and repeat that a few times) It's not unusual to have something different in the end that it was in the beginning.

In the first version I covered the background with some washi tapes. I used the 13arts modeling paste (I first tried the Prima's plaster paste but it was way too running) and a stencil by Heidi Swapp. While the paste was still damp I started adding colors. I got too carried away with the paste and colors, that after staring at it for some while I took a sheet of white watercolor cardstock and placed it over the whole piece. Press…