The blog must go on

For those who don't know the history of this blog, here's a short info: this blog was originally started during my studies at the Oulu university of applied sciences back in 2012. It was one part of the course called "Internet services" where we got to know with various social media services provided in the internet. The teacher decided that in order to get the grades we have to collect experience points and the points were given from different tasks, such like creating a blog or commenting someone else's blog post. I had never before blogged and after that course I didn't continue. I did think of deleting this blog afterwards but as you can see, I didn't do that. I thought it was unnecessary to delete the blog. Besides, now I might even have a few followers already. 😉😃 But I have done some updates and deleted some old posts. Some of the old stuff I decided to keep until further notice.

The thought of having a blog brew in my head for some time and I came to the final decision gradually. I do have a personal website, a portfolio that is, but I'd like to keep it as work related. I actually need to update that one, too. A blog is more ideal for hobbies. As I originally planned this blog will focus around the arts and crafts. I will be posting mostly about my crap crafts but if I see something interesting in the web I just might post about that, too. I already have some ideas that I could write about but I'll save them to later.

Since the graduation I have browsed through the Pinterest pinning some nice looking pictures and tutorials about art, mixed media, crafting and jewelry making etc. I started to follow Youtube channels about painting and mixed media, then came along some other channels about stamping and card making. Then one day came Maremi. After watching Maremi's videos I started to wake up my sleeping inner artist. Marta won't get all the credit for getting me into artsy stuff but she had a big role in bringing it back to alive. If you don't already know Maremi aka Marta Lapkowska, I recommend to check out her Youtube channel Maremi SmallArt and her blog

Below is the picture of my first art journal ever. It only has a few pages and it's small in size, only 16 x 11,5 cm, but you have to start it somehow, right. I made it last year after watching Marta's video on making art journal from envelopes. I used 6 envelopes for this. I made the spider using some wire and beads. I will write more about these two sometimes later.