The 52 Cafe cards CHALLENGE is back

The 52 Cafe cards challenge has started again with new prompts. Every Sunday a new prompt is announced. I had a slow start. I didn't start making them until last week. Although I did use some leftovers and scraps which didn't require much working. I cut images from the patterned paper pads and even from an old calendar. The balloon image is from a Amy & Tim stationery paper. I used leftover diecuts for embellishment and the alphabets were also diecut.

The A's background has Lindy's Sassy sapphire magical, fossiled amber Distress oxide, smokey grey Versafine ink and some pale white ink (I don't remember which one). I also used a little bit of gold acrylic paint.

The B and H have backgrounds that were leftovers from cardmaking. I think I used Distressed inks, water and some Perfect pearls gold powder on them.

The background on the C was built from diecut scraps (for last year's Christmas cards I diecut windows and those rectangles are from them.) For coloring I used Lindy's Urban amethyst and Raspberry lemonade as well as Tattered angels Fully purple sprays. There's also some glitter glue.

I don't like the dreamcatcher on the D but the background turned out to be great. I used Lindy's Bavarian blue magical shaker and 13arts' Pastel cobalt spray. For stenciling I used Viva decor glitter paste and after that Tattered angels' Midnight rendezvous Glimmer glaze. I spread little bit of white acrylic paint on top of that. There is also a piece of a star washi tape but it's behind the ribbons.

For the E I thought I would use materials that I haven't used in a long while or materials that are running low but still able to use in a small work. I used Ranger's acrylic paint bottles and Liquid pearls. I started the background with glueing diecut scraps to the base. For stenciling I used texture paste which I made myself by combining some leftover jars, copper colored mica powder and texture paste powder.

The background on the F was easy and quick. I used an spray which I had done almost two years ago from Ranger's Perfect pearls powder. I think it was Berry twist. The dots were stenciled with glitter glue.

The G has everything, or at least gold acrylic paint, 13arts' chalk celadon spray, Lindy's Cathedral pines green magical powder, Galeria glass beads texture gel, glitter glue and micro glass beads in two sizes. I guess it's one of my signatures to add glass beads into glitter glue or vice versa.

And finally H... well, actually I already explained H along with B.

52 cafe cards Antique
A = Antique
52 cafe cards Balloon
B = Balloon
52 cafe cards Composition
C = Composition
52 cafe cards Dreamcatcher
D = Dreamcatcher
52 cafe cards Eco
E = Eco
52 cafe cards Faeries
F = Faeries
52 cafe cards Green
G = Green
52 cafe cards Hydrangea
H = Hydrangea

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